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I have worked with many of you to enhance the quality of life in Pelham over the last fifteen years. We have accomplished much with a collaborative effort and the future looks bright with our adopted comprehensive plan. Since the last election, the council hired a city manager. Our City Manager has brought a high degree level of professionalism. Together, we continue to balance the budget yearly and worked to lower debt, created family fun events, built both a modern functional library and recreation center, renovated our ice- arena, expanded the green-way trails, and supported our schools! We have continued to provide funding for necessary equipment like our new Motorola P25 system and access to training for Police and Firemen. Pelham continues to maintain low crime rates and excellent fire ratings.  If I’m re-elected, I will continue what we’ve started and focus on schools, communication, fiscal accountability, marketing, and community. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE IMPORTANT TO ME >> 1. SCHOOLS: I will continue to make sure our kids have the tools to succeed in a global market by working with all stakeholders: parents, administrators, teachers, school board, and the school foundation.  2. COMMUNICATION:  Communicating with our residents is important to me. I’m proud to have been an advocate for FACEBOOK LIVE council meetings. We are also communicating through social media, our website, and our civic plus app. Communication will continue to be a priority! 3. FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Maintaining our AAA bond rating is a priority.  I will continue to support a responsible and balanced budget. Year after year Independent auditors verify that Pelham is in excellent financial shape.  4. MARKETING: I believe we have to continue to reinvest in ourselves. I’m glad to see Pelham reach a point to recruit a branding and communication manager to help us spread our message in a world driven by constant communication.  I’m proud of all the new things coming to Pelham like Campus 124 and The Canopy.  We must continue to market our city as a destination area. 5. COMMUNITY: GO HAM (Go Pelham) ! I will work hard to continue to support events like Taste of Pelham, Fire on the water and the Pelham Palooza that bring our community together.  I will continue to work with our local civic, patriotic, faith-based and non-profit groups in our city as they also add to the quality of life. I underlined UNITY because as a community we must continue to be continue to be inclusive of all of Pelham regardless of Race , Creed , or Religion. I have worked with Mayor Waters behind the scenes uniting our Pelham pastors in prayer and conversation so we may all do Kingdom work.  6. DIVERSITY: The City of Pelham is now the most diverse it's been since 1964 in community and City staffing. We still have departments to grow in but I believe the City Manager, Mayor's office , City Department heads, and Pelham Schools are looking to hire the most qualified person for the job while looking to make sure our organizational makeup reflects our residents. This is important to me that we become a recognized leader in diversity and unity. I remain “Dedicated to Community and Committed to Service”

Committee to Elect Maurice Mercer
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